The Secrets To A Successful Job Search!

Talking to the Mums and Dads I do on a daily basis, one thing seems to come up time and time again; that deciding to go back to work is only a small part of the picture – a bigger issue for people is then deciding what sort of job that they should be searching for. People rush into their job search without answering this question completely and then wonder 6 months down the line why either they can’t find anything or that they accepted a role that they hate.
So what are the secrets to a successful job search? 

Firstly – don’t rush it! 

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to take the time at the very start of your job search to absolutely understand your priorities in terms of going back to work. Are you looking for low stress, location, flexibility or money? Or something else?

In our workshops, I show everyone a list of 15 potential motivators and then ask them to write down the 8 that really stand out for them. Once they have done that, I ask them to highlight their top three. This exercise is the very first step on the journey that will be your job search. It can help you pinpoint that you want a role with a family friendly firm this side of Ripon. Or that you’re looking to progress your career further on a part-time basis but you’re willing to travel as far as Leeds or York.

Secondly – focus!

The next exercise is to make multiple lists – one of your strengths, another for your values and a third for your goals. Again this is to help you really knuckle down the sort of jobs and companies you should be applying for, ultimately giving your search direction.

Although this may seem more trouble than it’s worth and you think it would take too much time, I can guarantee, that in the long run it will save you more in time and energy and will help you no end in finding a role that is perfect for you.

A job search leading to a new career is a very personal journey and I always suggest making it as much about you as possible. Don’t worry about others’ thoughts and opinions. I truly believe the happier and more fulfilled you are at work (whatever that may be) will ultimately make you a happier person and a better parent and partner.

That’s it for now, I hope you found this useful – if you would like to find out more, drop me an email, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media and check out the other articles on our website.