Go On, Take That Call

You’re busy at work, a hectic end to a hectic a week and then you get the call: “Hi! This is Dave from ABC Recruitment and I’ve got a role I think you would LOVE! Is now a good time?”

Ok, so get past the slightly over excited introduction, and the fact that Dave has never spoken to you before so how could he possibly know what opportunities you may or may not love and take a minute to listen. By pure chance Dave might have your dream job and if it does sound like he may have something interesting organise a time for Dave to call you back.

Why? Because Dave is also assessing you and if this role is of interest then you need to impress.

Good consultants are constantly assessing their candidates - every conversation, every email, every interaction; and whilst there is an understanding that you may not be on top form the first time we speak we are thinking about how you communicate on the phone. After all, regardless of your role, there is a lot of talking to colleagues, managers and clients on the phone. So, if you are in the middle of the office, driving home or just focused on other things then ask the recruiter to call you back at a time when you can give your full attention to the conversation.

The call should not be the mini-interview that so many of us have experienced but an open discussion that will cover a little about your skills and experience, the opportunity and the next steps. Yes, you’ll have to answer some questions, be open and upfront and you should also get the opportunity to ask plenty of questions as well so if you do meet the recruiter face to face you will know it is going to be worth your while. 

As frustrating as it might be to get a call from a recruiter at that inconvenient moment make the time and take it seriously, even if you’re not looking, it might just be the best thing you do today.