So Why Are We Different?

With more than 12 years’ experience in recruitment, including a few years in South East Asia, and working for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious recruitment companies I have learnt some incredible things from some very experienced recruiters.

Yet the people that I have learnt the most from are the hiring managers and job seekers whom I have interacted with every day of my career.  From them, I have built an understanding of what they look for in a recruiter, what they like and don’t like, what pleases and reassures, what frustrates and disappoints. I have also learnt that recruitment consultants are at their most effective when they partner with a client rather than just ‘supply’ and when they know a candidate’s interests and ambitions rather than just their skills and experience.

A lot of recruitment companies talk about this in training, how to become the trusted adviser or a true consultant and how to maximise every relationship. Yet very few encourage their consultants to put the time and effort in to achieve this and instead focus on where the next invoice is coming from. 

GPS Talent Solutions was created with one single overriding purpose - to delight and to partner with our clients and candidates alike.


Recruitment is sales, there is no getting away from that, but it is all too often stereotyped in the same way as used car salesmen and it is perhaps a reputation we deserve.  However, as I have grown in my career, as I have created, grown and managed some very successful businesses, it is a reputation that I have become determined to change and so I created GPS Talent Solutions.

And did so with one single overriding purpose – to delight and to partner with our clients and candidates alike.

At GPS we understand that what we do has a huge impact on people’s lives and so we have created an approach, developed a pricing structure and built a process that puts the needs of the client and candidate first. 

Our recruitment processes are designed to be as adaptable as possible and can be adjusted to suit the needs of the client and our CHOICE and PARTNER pricing structures have been developed in consultation with our clients. Together we have solved their recruitment headaches, together we have built trust and together we have developed genuine partnerships.

We are honest and act with integrity, we are dedicated and determined, we build, develop and grow by doing what is right for you. By doing all this and more, we have become more than just a recruitment company, we have become the difference you’ve been looking for.

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